36 Selections of Contemporary Suit of Armor Fox with Iron-Base Vermilion Lacquered Helmet in the Shape of Unicorn, with Suit of Armor with 2-pieces Iron Cuirass with Various Lacing, Sketch (Framed)

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Frame size : 23 x 49.9cm
Year : 2013
Media : tracing paper, pencil, pen, meding tape

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「当世甲冑三十六選 狐鉄地朱漆塗一角形兜 色々威二枚胴具足」下図 額装済
額装サイズ : 23 x 49.9cm 
作品制作年 : 2013年
メディア : トレーシングペーパー、鉛筆、ペン、メディングテープ

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a finished work based on the sketch [reference image]

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¥180,000 tax included